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lets not talk before 10am

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going to miss these weirdos😭 good luck guys 😘


Dragon Palace Cave. Jiujiang, China. 

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One bright spark: Hypnotic photographs capture Pablo Picasso

'painting' with light

He was known for pushing the boundaries of his craft, so when Pablo Picasso was offered to paint with light, he leaped at the chance.

These stunning photographs, which show a dimly-lit Picasso swathed in neon squiggles, are the results of five sessions he held with lighting innovator Gjon Mili in 1949.

In a series known as his ‘light drawings’, the images show the artist waving a strobe light to create figures reminiscent of the screaming cattle in Guernica or the curvaceous woman in The Dreamer.

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me and my twin got matching tattoos today. I’m moving away next week, so I’ll look at this and remember her crazy ass


new york, new york - mid-august

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Pictures of Sunsets through Shattered Mirrors by Bing Wright 

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i wish these next 19 days would go quick so I can be moved into my new room in uni

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Valie Export video installation at Charim Galerie, 2012
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Beyoncé photographed by Pierre Debusschere, CR Fashion Book Issue 5 

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